Drougas Tours travel agency has been in operation on the island of Milos for the past 35 years.

We are Drougas Sailing.
A Sailing Company specializing in outstanding Sailing and Motor Yacht Cruises around Milos.

The main focus of our Cruises is directed towards exploring all of Milo’s unique landmarks while creating a pleasant, welcoming, and unique experience for those on board. Our mission is to deliver a professional, spacious and efficient service, accompanied by a well-maintained sailing fleet, thus ensuring the fulfillment of your expectations.

Our team is our biggest asset. Behind every company there is a great team of people, and we have the best. Our ability to serve each and every guest effectively rests on the talented individuals who joined together and continue to do so.

Our crew, fully knowledgeable of the waters around Milos and the Aegean Sea, is at your disposal to suggest and organize an excellent itinerary for those who want to explore Greek islands.

So… Join us! We’ll keep you safe, treat you with the well known Greek hospitality,
and take you to the most beautiful places of our island and allow you to just…
enjoy the ride!